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The Morning: His Empty Tomb Means More Than You Ever Dreamed

The Morning: His Empty Tomb Means More Than You Ever Dreamed

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The Morning is Kim Allan Johnson's much-anticipated sequel to his bestselling book, The Gift. a breathtaking look at Christ's sacrifice on the cross. Now, through Kim's gifted pen, we discover the incredible joy, promise, and power of the Resurrection.

Like Mary, you've tasted tears of loss. Like the disciples, you've felt the pain of disappointment. Like Jesus in Gethsemane, you've walked through dark valleys where it seemed the light of hope would never shine again. And though you may have believed it in your head, now you will know in your heart that the Resurrection changes everything!

Let Kim's inspiring prose take you to a morning unlike any other. Experience the thrill of seeing Christ's resurrection up close and personal. Discover how intensely the risen Lord loves you and how eager He is to breathe new life into all the dead places of your heart.

Book Specs

Paper Back
Publisher: PPPA
Printed: 2002
Pages: 160

Table of Contents


Love's Last Breath

Peter's Grief

Mary Magdalene's Loss

The Greatest Miracle

The Women First

Remarkable Restorations

Two Eye-opening Meals

Beyond Reasonable Doubt

My Brother's Keeper

Group Flight to Glory

God of the Dead Places

Resurrection Life — Part A

Resurrection Life — Part B

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