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In "Decade of Destiny", Wallis accurately predicted the 1990's revival season and the following war season in the 2000's. Wallis, by prophecy, prepared believers to enter into those seasons with an understanding of the times and seasons.

In "The Third Reformation is Coming", 2003, Wallis prophesied of the coming reformation movement in the Church. That reformation, Wallis writes, will radically transform the Church. Now, 14 years later, that prophecy is taking shape.

In "How to Know if Your Prophecy is Really from God," "Plugging into the Spirit of Prophecy," and "Entering the School of the Prophets," Wallis teaches prophets, leaders and believers how to function in both the practical and mystical realms of prophecy

In "Secret Corruption", Wallis raises a clarion and prophetic call to expose the corruption in the judicial system. Wallis digs deep into the background of how the American people came to be ruled by such a massive and corrupt enterprise.

In "The Gospel is Enough", a seminal work, Wallis asks and answers a simple question: What is the gospel? Wallis, confronted by Christ's command in Matthew 10:8, to "heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils," realized his own need to know the gospel message. From that encounter, Wallis wrote this powerful book.