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The Law of the Harvest

The Law of the Harvest

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The Law of the Harvest, taken from the novel Unshackled, is an inspirational and instructional guide for parents and teenagers and one of the greatest tools available today for teaching character education to middle school and high school age students. Unforgettable characters fill each chapter, and their stories - whether uplifting or tragic - bear out the same eternal truth: you always reap what you sow in life.

After sixteen years of speaking to millions of teenagers all over the world, Harold Morris gives parents and teens the benefit of his experiences in a colorful narrative that goes right to the heart of the problems today's teens face.

Harold Morris writes, "What did I sow into my life? I associated with the wrong kinds of people, I drank, I did drugs, I had immoral sex, and I was proud to call myself a racist. What did I reap? Two life sentences at Georgia State Penitentiary for armed robbery and murder, and I almost died there."

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