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The Green Bench: A Dialogue about Leadership and Change

The Green Bench: A Dialogue about Leadership and Change

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Take a seat and learn the secrets of business management - and life!

It was a chance meeting. A retired teacher stopping for a breather while
out for his walk, and an overstressed young executive escaping from office
chaos and politics. There on a green park bench they begin a dialogue that
dramatically changes the young man's view of leadership. With this stranger
he feels the freedom to ask the really important questions: Why must I
pretend to know everything? Why can't I see the real problems, not just the
surface issues? Is change the beginning or the end for me? How can I keep
from getting stuck? And what can I do to motivate people to learn and

If you've asked these same questions, listen in. The old teacher's stories
give stunning insights into the chaotic, constantly changing world of 21st
century business management. After a while on The Green Bench, you too will learn how to learn, how to lead, how to take risks and how to maintain a sense of peace and stability through it all.

So, go ahead, have a seat.
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