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The Gospel Is Enough: Rediscovering the Good News of Jesus Christ: His Kingdom, His Power, His Sufficiency and His Grace

The Gospel Is Enough: Rediscovering the Good News of Jesus Christ: His Kingdom, His Power, His Sufficiency and His Grace

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On the road to Damascus, Paul the Apostle heard the words, "Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou Me?" Paul was smitten by Christ. Paul, humbled by this experience, said, "Who art thou, Lord?" Immediately, the response came, "I am Jesus, whom thou persecutest..." In the middle of his murderous zeal, Paul was shaken to the core. That experience changed him. That day, he received an understanding that pervades his writings: Jesus Christ is alive.

Yet, 17 years later, Paul began his ministry. What happened during that 17 year period of silence. He learned the gospel. Paul, by revelation, obtained unparalleled revelation of the gospel. That revelation has been taken for granted by much of the church. We do not know the message we preach. As a result of our ignorance of the gospel message, we lack the experiential reality of the gospel in our churches. Churches, by and large, are withering, dying. And, believers are unsure of what they should believe or why their faith is important.

Scott Wallis, a notable and widely recognized minister and author, has written a powerful new book that reconnects believers to the simplicity and depth of the gospel message. In that book, he shares how this message came to him and why it is vital for the church to rediscover the gospel message. In truth, we need the gospel message. But, we think we know it. And, we don't. We have settled for a watered-down message that lacks the power to change or shape coming generations.

The gospel has become a side item in many churches. Many have strayed from the simplicity of the gospel. As a result, we have many gospels. Christ and His Apostles had one gospel. That gospel shook the known world. Today, we need a fresh revelation of what the gospel is and why it is relevant today. But, our unwillingness to admit our lack of understanding of this all-important message has made the church weak, impotent. We must change. We must learn. We must rediscover the gospel.

In this powerful book, you will receive a fresh revelation of the gospel, what the term gospel means and why the gospel is relevant today. We need the gospel. The gospel must be preached, published and proclaimed. But, to preach the gospel, we must know what the gospel is. Sadly, we have assumed that we know the gospel. Numerous false gospels are being proclaimed even by major leaders in the Christian church. And, few have taken it upon themselves to follow the Scriptural admonition: ..".be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear..." 1 Pet. 3:15.

We must be prepared. This book is a tool that is designed to prepare churches, leaders, and believers to share the gospel. By this book, you will gain a fresh revelation of the gospel, what it is and why it is relevant. Moreover, you will be reconnected to the power resident in the true gospel and be prepared to defend yourself and others against the false gospels prevalent today. In this book, you will learn

  • what the gospel is,
  • how the gospel impacts our life, family, and community,
  • why the gospel must be preached, published, proclaimed and believed,
  • how to tap into the power associated with the gospel,
  • how to defend the gospel message against enemies of the gospel,
  • how afflictions are associated with the gospel, and
  • why signs, wonders, and miracles are vital to the gospel.
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