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Starlight & Time

Starlight & Time

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One of the most unsettling questions for young-earth creationists has involved the enigma of distant starlight in a relatively young universe. How can we see light from stars that are millions of light-years away if the universe is only a few thousand years old? Starlight & Time offers a scientifically sound solution to these issues of cosmology, even challenging some traditional creationist theories. Dr. Humphreys takes Scripture very straightforwardly, upholding its inerrancy and influence. This authoritative book contains:

  • An easy-to-read, popular summary of a biblical creationist cosmology
  • Two technical papers delivered to the Third International Conference on Creationism
  • An understanding of how to address the issue of distant starlight in relation to old-earth evolutionary theories
  • And possible scenarios regarding major events in creation week.

This definitive work covers much scientific terrain unfamiliar to many, bringing clarity to the issue of the origins of the universe and glory to God for His creation.

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