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Pastoral Grit: The Strength to Stand and to Stay (The Pastor's Soul Series)

Pastoral Grit: The Strength to Stand and to Stay (The Pastor's Soul Series)

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Sooner or Later, Every Pastor Needs What Makes a Good Pastor Great: The Strength to Stand and to Stay.


Pastors are maturing. Deepening. They want substance for their congregations and nourishment for their own soul. THE PASTOR'S SOUL series unleashes pastors to do what really matters. To step beyond skills. To give of their unique gifts. To minister authentically and grow in the intangibles of ministry like integrity and character.

A Groundbreaking Series on the Inner Life of Pastors

In this changing culture, pastors need the dedication to do what God wants them to do. They need the determination to accomplish their highest priorities.

Every pastor has felt the desire to throw in the towel to resign from a church or even drop out of the ministry. The press of day-in, day-out care for people can overwhelm the noblest reasons for entering the ministry. A pastor's own brokenness, sinfulness, restlessness, and self-doubts only compound the weight. Pastoral Grit examines honestly the spiritual and practical calamities that compel pastors to give up and offers real insight to help pastors persevere.

Pastoral Grit is honest, courageous, insightful, a candid account of what really goes on in a small fellowship of believers. While it debunks illusions, it is not in the least cynical or pessimistic. It's soul-strengthening encouragement to do what Paul says in 1 Corinthians 15: Therefore my dear brothers, stand firm-Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord because you know your labor is not in vain.'

Dr. Vernon Grounds, Chancellor, Denver Seminary

With great insight, Larson opens the door to a realistic understanding of what ministry is all about-a corrective to the mixed motives that drive many pastors.

Dr. Archibald Hart, Professor of Psychology and former Dean, Fuller Theological Seminary

Finishing well is a gift. It requires integrity, faithfulness, diligence, and wisdom. This book subtly exposes the false gods of the worldly church and models genuine integrity, life-changing faithfulness, true diligence, and godly wisdom. This book is a fresh breath.

Ted Haggard, Senior Pastor, New Life Church

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