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Land That I Love By: Bobbie Ames

Land That I Love By: Bobbie Ames

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With the gracious forcefulness of a true Southern lady, Bobbie Ames confronts us with our current societal dilemma, traces its development, reminds us of our compelling history at God’s Hand, and leads us toward the solution to the recovery of America’s great heritage. This overview of four hundred years of American spiritual struggle and victory should grace every home and educational institution, to read and re-read for decades to come. Our author engagingly chronicles the astonishing character of the United States, resulting from a unique Providence in its people. From the beginning, God placed His Word in peoples’ hearts in such a way that for the first time in history, Christians thought they could form their own civil communities, with only Christ governing them as King. Yet men are sinners, and sin forces evil consequences on even the best intentions. From the beginning then, America has suffered a dual or schizophrenic character—the best of the best, and some of the worst of the worst. For at least two hundred and fifty years of our history, the best managed to keep the upper hand. Then, with the prosperity, liberty with justice, and generosity that a general godliness had produced, the nation began wandering away from the One who prospered and blessed it, upon Whom that blessing depended and depends. After over two hundred more years of a godly thrust of history battling against the wicked one, we have come to a crisis of faith, bringing the future of Christian civilization into question. Bobbie Ames outlines the remedy, while offering tremendous resources to flesh out the knowledge, spirit, and wisdom necessary to re-establish and maintain godly and free institutions.

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