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Kingdom Seeker's Devotional: Searching the Deep Things of God

Kingdom Seeker's Devotional: Searching the Deep Things of God

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Many of God’s people know there is more; more power available to His children, more access to heavenly wisdom, more promises we’ve yet to take hold of, more delegated authority we haven’t exercised. We’re hungry; keenly aware of the gap between where we are now in our spiritual walk
vs. the fullness of Christ; experiencing abundant life full of miracles and greater works.

In Kingdom Seeker’s Devotional, explore 44 thoughts, prayers and topics brought forth directly from Krista Dunk’s prayer and study journals during her time spent with the Lord.

Expect to find:
Deeper insights into the Kingdom
New understanding of who you are in Christ
Greater awareness of your Kingdom authority
Thoughts to bring to God in prayer
Next-level spiritual truths straight from God’s heart

“Krista Dunk’s journey with God will inspire you to settle for nothing less than God’s plan. Her gentle spirit and strong word will invite you to grow in faith, and to step out and take your place in life.” -Jason Frenn, missionary evangelist, author

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