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It Must Have Been an Angel

It Must Have Been an Angel

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Battered by the crosscurrents of theological dialogue, today's Christians is often left bewildered and isolated. Doctrine is not enough to satisfy the soul. The people out there need warm, nourishing food to satisfy a present need.
God is "a very present help in trouble" (Psalm 46:1), and angels are His messengers. Hourly, daily, weekly, yearly, these messengers watch over and protect God's people, how many times we will never know this side of eternity. Divine intervention is not an unusual, rare occurrence.
Ask almost any Christian, and he or she can tell you of unexplained coincidences— providences that reach beyond human reason into the realm of the divine. Some people have actually seen divine agents in human form. Others have seen only the footprints, or perhaps the fingerprints, of extraterrestrial ministration. Should we not all pray that God will alert us to His comings and goings in the form of divine messengers? We can't keep skeptics from scoffing, but we can in this book fan into a glowing flame the smoking flax of incipient faith. May God so use these stories to His glory.

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Paper Back
Publisher: PPPA
Pages: 144

Table of Contents

It Must Have Been An Angel
Now You See Them
Now You Don't
Guards In White
In Time Of Peril
Sometimes A Dream
Sometimes A Voice
Out On A Limb
Sometimes I Wonder
The Touch of Angel Hands
They Also Care
Touching the Fringes
The Wonder of Commitment
The Clock That Struck Thirteen
The Bushman's Story
Only oNe Key
The Thunder At Eight
Credentials Please
In The Lions' Den
When No Angel Stays the Hand
Swords of Straw

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