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Holy Crap: Finding God's Presence in Your Pain

Holy Crap: Finding God's Presence in Your Pain

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"Today is the day to consider confident hope as an option in the struggles of life instead of it becoming a residual outcome of despair."

Are you now or have you ever been in a painful season of life that you thought would never end? Have you ever felt as if no one were listening in the darkest hours of your life? Pain in life will either become, by default, an obstacle course of survival or, by intention, an opportunity to learn critical lessons that positively impact your life's journey. Holy Crap: Finding God's Presence in your Pain is about mistakes made and lessons learned. It will lift you from despair in depression to hope in redemption. Through the author's horrific and shocking yet wonderful and life-changing journey, you will find valuable lessons to reignite passion and vision for your life.

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