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Is the pulse rate of your life beating out of control? Do you feel out of sync with the shalom lifestyle God intends you to have? Are you having a hard time sifting through the noise and busyness in order to connect your life to God? Jesus modeled a degree of peace, celebration, and rest that’s hard to find in our stressful, hurried pace. We long to be more like him, but that lifestyle often seems unachievable.

GodSpace, an updated version of the author's earlier book--Sacred Rhythms, is a prescription for healthy living that flows directly from your faith. Christine Sine invites you to make space for God and enjoy the benefits. She looks at the natural rhythms God built into our world and how paying attention to them can strengthen every part of your life.

God’s rhythm embraces all the good things of life including prayer, Bible study, Christian service, the creative activity of work, the joy of relationships, and the soothing relaxation of rest. Make space for God and discover a Christlike pace that liberates you from the frenzy of a culture enslaved by time.

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