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Breaking the Spell Over America: How to Stop Satan's Plan to Destroy America

Breaking the Spell Over America: How to Stop Satan's Plan to Destroy America

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America is on fire; it is in flames as riots break out across our country and even in our Capital. Yes, there are Americans who want America to burn. Why? Because there is a silent rage growing in the hearts of Americans at the corruption they see in their government. Yet few Americans truly understand the sinister forces working behind the scenes to destroy America from the inside. Scott Wallis, a respected and recognized prophet, offers invaluable prophetic insight into what is taking place behind the scenes in America today.

In this book, Pastor Wallis uncovers America’s roots of injustice, systemic racism, and unlawful corruption: he exposes the dark spell cast over America’s soul by the spirit of witchcraft. Yes, witchcraft. We are fighting against a spiritual enemy who has been working in our nation for more than 200 years. To turn the heart of this nation back to God, America’s Christians must break the spell of witchcraft cast over America. To do that, we must be equipped with the necessary tools to understand the battle we face and how to win it.  With wisdom, Wallis brings prophetic revelation to overcome Satan’s plan to destroy America. In this book, you will learn the following:

  • The Theater of Battle for the New Millennium.
  • The Main Demonic Principality Ruling over America and How to Defeat it.
  • How the Python of Litigation Enforces the Rule of Witchcraft in America through America’s Courts.
  • The 4 Main Periods of Rebellion in America’s History and How They Relate to Today’s Issues.
  • The Coming Showdown: The Elijah Generation versus Satan’s Disciples and Jezebel’s Bastards
  • How to Restore Sovereignty to the Americans and Reduce the Government’s Role in America.
  • How to Defeat the Goliath of Fake Government and Overcome the False Prophets of Fake News.
  • Why a Civil War is brewing in America and How American’s Can Stop It.
  • Why a Constitutional Convention of “We the People” is Needed to Restore Faith in the Republic.


Scott Wallis, a modern-day prophet, writes and speaks with amazing clarity the voice of God. In 1987, Wallis was called into the prophetic office by an open vision where he saw God's glory. Later, he heard God's audible voice that moved him into the miracle ministry. Wallis's life and ministry are characterized by signs, wonders, and miracles. Wallis and his wife, Cecile Wallis, pastor The Miracle Centre located in Crystal River, Florida.

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